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Tips When Ordering Last-Minute Catering - Medford, Boston, MA

Tips When Ordering Last-Minute Catering

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Simple Fare Catering, Medford, Somerville, MA When you have to find delicious catering for a last-minute meeting, it can feel like an impossible mission. Here is some advice on how to find last-minute catering options.

Choose Simple Food Over Time-Intensive Dishes

Finding a caterer that can cater complicated hot entrées at the last minute probably isn’t in the cards. Instead, consider simple foods that can be prepared easily at the last minute. Platters and family style orders take the least amount of time for a caterer to prepare.

Here are some recommendations:

  • sandwich platters
  • salads
  • dessert platters
  • build-your-own taco bars
  • build-your-own rice or quinoa bowl

Caterers who can handle delicious sandwiches only need a few hours’ notice to prepare food for thirty-five people or fewer. If your order is for 50 to 80 people, they might need more notice because it’s more prep time. And remember, even if you’re ordering a sandwich platter and salad for the entire group, it can still be a wholesome, delicious meal that has something everyone will love.

Another tip is to call the caterer direct rather than using a third party. When you call direct you save time and money. Also, you'll talk to an owner, chef, or event planner who knows all the right questions to ask to make sure you get what you want and that you get it when and where you want it!

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