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How to Save Money on a Wedding - Winchester, Medford, MA

How to Save Money on a Wedding

Monday, October 07, 2019

Simple Fare Catering, Medford, Somerville, MAGetting married is a special day for you, your partner, and your family. It is a tradition that stretches back for millennia.

The spectacle of a wedding is something that requires planning well in advance. Your venue might have a waiting list of 6-months, and you need time to notify all of your friends and family. After the RSVPs come in, it’s time to start planning the event.

Most Americans want a marriage ceremony followed by a reception party. Unfortunately, your wedding day will cost you plenty of money. Arranging the venue, food, pastor, and decorations cost a pretty penny.

Fortunately, below is a list of ways you can save money when planning your wedding day.

Define Your Budget

When planning your wedding, the first thing you need to do is work out your budget. Make a list of all of the items you’ll need for your wedding day, including the venue, decorations, pastor, entertainment, catering, and accommodation. Decide how much you can afford to spend on your wedding day, and then stick to your budget.

Women dream of their wedding day from when they are little girls. When planning their wedding, they tend to go overboard to make the day as special as possible. If you don’t set a budget, then you’re likely to overspend on both your wedding ceremony and reception.

A budget keeps you on track to host a wedding that you can afford. There’s no reason why you should want to take out a loan to pay off your wedding day. Getting into debt to have the wedding you dreamed of as a teenager will do nothing but start your new life together on the wrong foot financially.

Before you work out your budget, meet with your respective families, and ask them what they would consider giving you towards your wedding. This strategy gives you a clear indication of what you can and can’t afford with your wedding budget.

Hire a Planner

Planning your wedding is a stressful experience. There are plenty of things to organize, from the wedding catering to the venue, and the entertainment. Some people can’t handle this kind of pressure, especially when they are getting ready for their wedding day.

Fortunately, there are professional wedding planners that can help you make arrangements for the perfect ceremony and reception.

Wedding planners have plenty of connections in the industry. As a result, they get discounts on everything from venues to flowers. Some people may think they can’t afford a planner, but the savings they make on organizing the wedding pay for the planner’s services anyway.

By using a wedding planner, you take the hassle and stress out of your big day. Relax with your friends at the reception while the planner takes care of everything behind the scenes.

Take Your Time Hunting for a Venue

The venue is the most significant expense when planning your wedding. Wedding venues require 6-months’ notice, so you’ll need to plan well in advance to ensure you get a wedding date. Your choice of venue depends on your tastes and style.

Keep the venue local. If you decide to have a wedding that’s in another county or state, you might have trouble bringing your guests along. Many of them won’t end up making the trip. They may have financial difficulties, or they can’t be bothered to drive a long distance to attend your wedding.

You’ll also need to ensure that the venue has accommodations for all your guest from out of town. Accommodations can be expensive at wedding venues., so make sure you get quotes and estimates on everything.

Take your time to pick the perfect venue

If you’re having trouble deciding on your venue, make a list of your top 5 locations. Draw up a list of pros and cons of each place, and then ask your partner for their input. Your wedding needs to be a joint decision, and you should both contribute to planning your wedding as well.

If you want to make the most significant savings possible, have your wedding in the backyard of a friend’s home, and then treat your friends to a reception at your favorite restaurant. If you have a friend with a large yard, you can set out your reception there as well, and save yourself plenty of cash.

Bring in Outside Catering

The wedding catering is probably the single most significant expense after hiring the venue. Everyone at your wedding reception needs a meal after the events of the day. Some places only allow you to order off of their menu, and they refuse to let you bring in outside catering. In most cases, these venues overcharge for their food, and they know you will pay the additional fee because you have no other choice.

Find a venue that allows for outside catering and decorating of the place. After signing the rental contract, arrange to hire a catering service. Look around on social media to find caterers in your area that specialize in weddings. Choose meals that are easier to cook in bulk, and offer a set menu at your reception.

A set wedding menu helps to reduce the costs of your reception, as the cater does not have to make arrangements for different menu items. Having your caterer arrange a lamb on the spit, with four of five sides is an excellent way to turn your wedding reception into a delicious buffet for your guests.

Run a Cash Bar

Weddings are occasions to drink and be merry. Do you have a few friends that like to drink more than they should? If so, think about running a cash bar at your reception. When people believe that something is for free, they tend to overindulge.

Leaving the venue to discover you have a bar bill for thousands of dollars is no way to start your honeymoon. A cash bar means that you control the expenses of your reception. However, people do need to think that you are catering for a drink or two at your dinner. Therefore, we recommend that you allow free local beers and table wine for your guests.

Save on Flowers and Decorations

Flowers and décor are one of the most significant expenses of a wedding. Florists know that you are getting married, and they love to increase their prices to take advantage of the situation. Reduce your flower costs by choosing local varieties of flowers that are in season. Most people get married in the summer or the spring, so flower season is well on its way.

Using in-season flowers instead of expensive options like orchids could end up saving you as much as $500 on your floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception. While using seasonal flowers is an excellent option to reduce your costs, there are a few ideas that can help you save much more.

Supply your vases, and try and use flowers from your garden or a friend. Ask your family to bring potted plants so you can use them instead of spending on more flowers.

Decorations also add costs to your wedding expenses. Ask family members to help you out by making table runners and streamers at home using wholesale fabrics. Cut your costs everywhere you can. Visit the venue a few days in advance and set up lighting, level any gravel, and set out the tables and chairs for the reception.

What Will You Remember about Your Wedding Day?

After the last guests leave, and you jet off to your honeymoon location, the memories of the ceremony and reception will be fresh in your mind. However, ten years later, what will you remember about your wedding day? The chances are that you’ll remember your dress and every moment of the ceremony.

However, you’ll probably forget what the table settings looked like, or what the DJ was playing all night long. Weddings aren’t about finding the perfect decorations or DJ. A wedding brings you together with your family and friends to celebrate your union.

As you start a new chapter in your life, you shouldn’t stress about the small things. If you do the right thing and hire a wedding planner, then let them take the stress out of the day, and enjoy the events with your loved ones.

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