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How to Order Breakfast Catering That’ll Wow Your Office - Medford, Boston, MA

How to Order Breakfast Catering That’ll Wow Your Office

Monday, July 01, 2019

When it comes to planning breakfast catering for the office, it can be a bit…exhausting. Especially when expectations climb and your inbox jams up with keto requests. Below are some tips on how to order breakfast catering for work so that it’s easy, delicious, and even impresses the boss.

1. Who’s having breakfast?

It all starts with the budget and the size of the guest list. Knowing these figures can help you be clear-eyed about what you can afford. Some Insta-worthy breakfast items simply won’t work for small budgets and huge company or sales events. To keep costs down, stick with breakfast buffets and catering platters. You can also save money by ordering no more than two proteins and two sides. Because if you put out a smorgasbord of sizzling meats, the crowd may long to try everything.

2. What’s the event for?

Catering leaves an impression. So think about the tone you want to set and use your best judgment to figure out the best way to go. Ask yourself: Are you trying to wow clients? Is this a working meeting and could certain foods get in the way? Or is the point for people to have a good time? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Formal, high-stakes meetings

Think twice about delicious but sloppy foods. It’s hard to have a meeting when people are worried about making a mess. For formal meetings, steer clear of messy, complicated foods like scrambled eggs. Instead, go for options like baked goods and coffee.

Find the “sweet spot” between too much and too little food. Stressful meetings can cause people to lose their appetites. On the flip side, you never want to run out of food during high-stakes meetings. So make sure you order enough food, but be prepared for leftovers.

Hours-long meetings

Choose dishes great at room temperature. Some foods don’t look so hot after sitting out for hours—like breakfast tacos and smoothies. If your office isn’t having breakfast on the dot, it’s better to go for something like savory ham and cheese croissants and jammy pastries.

Surprise them with lunch. If a morning meeting will run through lunch, it’s nice to get a satisfying meal for the group, says Jeannette. If you suspect people prefer going solo after being locked in a meeting, order portable box lunches to give them that pleasure.

Casual meetings

Use food to lift the mood. If the goal is to get social or boost morale at your office create a menu around casual catering formats like breakfast bars. It’s a lot easier to be chatty with strangers when everyone is making waffle creations together.

Order bigger portions for social events. When people are having fun, food tends to vanish. Order extra food to make sure people get their fill.

Large events

Go for portable bites. If your staff will be balancing paper plates on their laps, we recommend handheld foods. Try bagels, wraps, or breakfast boxes.

Whether you’re catering an office breakfast or a last-minute sales meeting, here's how to order breakfast catering.

3. How to order breakfast catering for dietary needs

Don’t worry when those dietary requests start coming. You know the ones: paleo, keto, and whatnots. Here’s how to pull off a breakfast catering order for special diets:

Don’t wait until the last minute. Ask guests about their food allergies and special diets in advance.

Get a few dishes that everyone can eat. Always order at least one gluten-free and one vegetarian dish, just in case. Customizable grain bowls and breakfast tacos check both those boxes (and more). Build out your menu from there.

Order extra portions of gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. Just in case meat eaters get in there first.

Communicate. Always give the caterer a heads-up about food allergies and dietary requests.

4. What are they craving?

If someone else is hosting the meeting, give them a chance to grab the wheel and pick the cuisine. If you have free rein, think about what will best represent your company’s event. If your office is free-spirited, doughnut breakfast sandwiches might call out to you. But that’s maybe not the best idea if you’re trying to impress a multinational corporation. Go for pretty, globally inspired breakfast boxes instead.

5. Don’t forget drinks

People do get thirsty, so remember to order breakfast drinks like coffee, tea, and fresh juice. At the very least, put out pitchers of water for guests.

6. Create fail-safes around your catering order

Always think about the little things when you order breakfast catering:

Filter your search by distance to find restaurants near your office if traffic or parking is difficult in your area.

Set an earlier delivery time to be safe, though do be prepared to receive an early delivery.

Anticipate problems—like street parking, building security, or a slow freight elevator—and let the catererknow about potential issues.

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