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How to find a caterer in the Boston Area - Medford, Boston, MA

How to find a caterer in the Boston Area - Medford, Boston, MA

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Duck Pappardelle One of the best ways to find a catering company in Boston is through an event you've attended. Get referrals through friends and family or if you have a favorite restaurant, ask about catering. Get referrals where you shop for specialty foods.

  • When you interview a caterer, ask about:
  • How long they've been in business.
  • Where the caterer shops. Does he or she use fresh, local meat and produce or canned and frozen foods?
  • Special dietary concerns of any guests. Ask if the caterer can prepare a separate meal for guests with food allergies or specific needs, such as a kosher, vegan, gluten free or children's meal.
  • Where the food is prepared and cooked. A small, new caterer may cook at home, while an established caterer may have a separate preparation facility. If at all possible, tour where the food is cooked. Notice if the area is clean and organized.
  • Whether the caterer is licensed to serve alcohol. Ask if bartenders are experienced with mixing drinks to order or if there will be one kind of cocktail available.
  • How the food is being transported. Does the caterer have vans or other vehicles used solely to transport food? A small or new caterer may use a family vehicle.
  • Additionally, always ask to sample the caterer's food. Request a tasting for each course that will be served, including meat, side dishes and desserts. Be sure to have a tasting close to your event date, so you can taste what's in season. Remember to discuss any guests' special dietary needs again.

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