It's Simple.

At Simple Fare, we make 90% of products in-house. We roast all our meat so you're not eating standard everyday deli meat in your sandwiches. It's freshly roasted turkey breast and perfectly seasoned roast beef.

We make our sauces, pesto, and dressings in-house. We smoke our own BBQ and painstakingly pull pork for made-from-scratch dishes. Our ravioli and gnocchi are bought fresh right here in Somerville at Deano's. We make our own croutons and bread crumbs, hand bread our cutlets, make our own sauce that your Italian grandmother will love. Our meatballs are homemade and hand-rolled and all of our seafood and vegetables are bought locally.

At Simple Fare, all of our dishes are designed to celebrate the flavors of the freshest ingredients in creative and memorable dishes. Great Food has never been so Simple.